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  • R'Minda Russell - Owner of Visualize Creative

January Content Calendar Ideas for Brands and Businesses

We did it. We survived one of the craziest years in history, 2020. With 2021 coming up THIS WEEK! I thought I’d pull together some content ideas for your business social media.

Overall Content Ideas (post themes to utilize throughout the month)

New Years Wishes

Wish your community a Happy New Years’ (keep it simple A LOT of people post on January 1st so you don’t want to be posting intense content.)


What are some of the resolutions you made for this year? If you work with a team have them submit 1 of their resolutions and compile them to share.

Motivational/Self-Improvement Content

Share some tips and tricks on how you stay motivated or how you motivate your team. Do you have one hack that sets you apart from the rest? Share it! You could also post some of your favorite motivational quotes, just be sure to source so you stay credible!


What did 2020 teach you? Did you have to pivot your business in any way? Did you read any groundbreaking books? Take any online courses? Elaborate on the lessons you learned throughout last year.

Trend predictions

What are some predictions you have for your niche? If you are in marketing, what are the 3 marketing trends you predict? If you are in the beauty industry, what are three trends you see flourishing in 2021?

Previous Year Wrap Up

Share some fun behind the scenes footage from last year. Maybe make a slideshow or video showcasing the fun moments you had or you had with your team in 2020 - HELLO ZOOM FOOTAGE!

Reading List for the Year

What is on your reading list for this year?

Month-long holidays (non-traditional holidays that last all month)

International Creativity Month

You can do so much with this topic. Share your favorite creative software you utilize, your favorite creativity spot, your favorite places to search for inspiration/concepts, your most creative project, etc. The list could go on and on… GET CREATIVE (pun intended).

“It’s okay to be different” Month

Highlight how your company or brand is different from the rest/competition. What makes you unique? You could also get into sharing funny “party tricks” you or your employees have. Que the Kermit the frog voices.

National Book Month

Where are all my book worms at? List of your favorite reads and why. Maybe dive into one book that you needed to read in 2020? You could also share a list of authors. Put together a list of books you want to read in 2021.

National Hobby Month

Another lifestyle/community building topic! Have fun with this by highlighting your favorite hobbies or your employees’ hobbies. Do you mountain bike, and you’re a financial planner? Nobody would have guessed and by sharing that you immediately come off as relatable to your audience. Put personality to your brand because NOBODY and I mean nobody wants to follow, like, and engage with a billboard.

National Mentoring Month

How has a mentor helped you? What is the best advice you’ve received? Give a tip on how to level up your mindset.

Traditional Holidays:

January 1st: New Year's Day

January 18th: Martin Luther King Junior Day

Non-Traditional Holidays:

January 4th: National Trivia Day

Share fun facts about your industry. Share fun facts about your business. Create interactive polls and quizzes for your stories and have your audience guess things about you.

January 6th: National Technology Day

What are your favorite software programs to use? What technology do you use daily for your business? What are your favorite productivity tracking apps?

January 9th: National Vision Board Day

Do you vision board? If so, show it! You can also make this an activation to get your employees to create vision boards with you and then highlight each one.

January 11th: National Clean Off Your Desk Day

This one is just a good reminder to take the candy or breakfast bar that has been stashed in the depths of your desk (at home or in the office) and throw it out! Also, water your desk plants...

January 13th: Make Your Dreams Come True Month

A great one to highlight your journey to success. Share helpful resources and tips that helped you get to where you are now.

January 14th: National Dress Up Your Pet Day

A fun holiday to share with your followers. Your cat dressed up as an avocado is BOUND to rack in the likes.

January 15th: National Bagel Day

Ah, the bagel… the breakfast of every 9-5er.

January 16th: Nothing Day

A funny holiday to celebrate the joy of doing nothing. Partake if you wish, and if you do, post about it.

January 21st: Get to know your customers day, International Sweatpants Day

Both very relevant with what is currently trending in late 2020 - early 2021. With the push to go digital in 2020 businesses and brands are realizing that truly providing customers with value is a much more effective social media strategy than just promoting themselves or their accolades.

Sweatpants on the bottom +business professional on top = Zoom call ready. Get creative and joke about work from home life happening still… a year later. Are we tired of zoom calls?

January 24th: National Compliment Day, Global Belly Laugh Day

Host a compliment chain on your social media. Post about National Compliment Day and ask people to share compliments (you have to participate in this too as your business).

Global Belly Laugh Day would be fun to highlight someone in your company with the best jokes or laughs. You can also share jokes - everyone likes a good dad joke here and there.

January 25th: National Opposite Day

Speaks for itself but make it creative. Swap out logo colors or switch jobs with someone for the day.

January 27th: National Shelfie Day (show off books)

Shelfie day - one of my personal favorites- is a day to share your favorite bookshelf/lineup. Grab your duster (it’ll make the photo look better) and get to it!

January 28th: Fun At Work Day

Self-explanatory but again, get creative! 2020 was a hard year for office morale, what are some ways you keep the motivation and energy up?

January 29th: National Puzzle Day

I was on the fence about including this one but of course, at 3 am, my brain came up with ideas. Create a crossword puzzle or a search puzzle (IDK what they are called) with industry-related words. There are multiple free puzzle generators online - cue google. Once they are generated… BRAND THEM!

January 30th: National Escape Day

Where do you plan to escape to this year? Where is your zen spot? Etc.

That is a wrap! Stay tuned for some February content ideas for your business coming soon. If you have any interesting ideas to add to this list that you know of, shoot us a message and we will add it in! Happy planning :)

If you need help with your social media or need someone to keep you accountable. Send me a message at and let's turn your visions into realities.


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