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  • R'Minda Russell - Owner of Visualize Creative

December 2021 Content Calendar Ideas

Overall Themes

Sales/Promotions: GEAR UP for holiday shopping.

Holidays Focused: Share your holiday plans, holiday decor, holiday recipes, holiday DIY...

Connecting with Family: Back to in-person holidays, holiday stress, Unplugging, etc...

Resolutions: Reflections on the past year, 2022 predictions, personal goals, etc...

Traditional Holidays:

December 24th: Christmas Eve

December 25th: Christmas Day

December 26th: Kwanzaa

December 31st: New Years Eve

Non-Traditional Celebrations:

December 4th: Santa's List Day

December 6th: Walt Disney Day, MY BDAY!

December 14th: National Free Shipping Day

December 21st: Winter Solstice

December 23rd: National Christmas Movie Marathon Day

December 26th: Boxing Day

December 28th: National Call a Friend Day

December 30th: National Resolution Planning Day

AND as always if YOU want to get on top of your social media presence and thrive in 2022 - let's work together! Shoot me an email at and let's turn your visions into realities.

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