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  • R'Minda Russell - Owner of Visualize Creative

2021 Social Media Trend Predictions

We are 7 days into 2021 and it is already shaping up to be another interesting year. Here are my top 5 social media trends to put on your radar for this year and why.

Short-form Video

Here it is - ranking number one trend of 2021- short-form video. Thanks to TikTok, Reels, and every platform now offering stories short-form video will be the KING content in 2021. Reels has reintroduced organic reach on Instagram, something we all have been waiting for. Now don’t let this chance to grow, pass you up. Get comfortable with being on camera or sharing your behind the scenes. Video also saves us from having to make 3-4 posts, instead, we make one video. Videos are more evergreen than static posts and have better potential reach. Less work for more reach and engagement? Sign me up.

Social Commerce

With the lockdowns unfortunately shutting down small businesses and other brick and mortar, every business felt the need to go digital. Instagram/Facebook found a way to help and they launched social commerce. Now you can sell your products straight from your Instagram or Facebook page. It is fairly easy to set up and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to promote your products without looking too salesy. With the most recent update launched by Instagram, they took our notifications, the heart, and put it on the top of our screen. They then placed the social commerce button where our notifications used to be. They did that on purpose. They want people to accidentally click and then shop. Remember since Instagram and Facebook are free, WE are the product. Get your stores linked up and watch the sales roll in.


2020 was a year filled with professional shifts. Layoffs, startups, and a lot of “pivoting.” More people are finding themselves back on LinkedIn looking for opportunities or simply to keep in contact with their networks. LinkedIn has an organic reach that is very powerful. Since most users will solely use the platform to look for jobs or post their new positions, LinkedIn needs content. Therefore, it will push your post to more people if you do post. Get your blogs, posts, videos, etc. published to your page and watch your engagement skyrocket.

User-generated Content

With influencer culture and the rise of social media use, more and more people are turning to real individuals to assist them in their purchasing decisions. User-generated content promotes your product in the most natural way possible. Gone are the days we can simply post about new products, sales, and our company accolades. We have to provide the why to our potential followers and showing real people with real reviews is one of the best ways to do so. If you are getting tagged by your followers, SHARE IT! Even if the photo isn’t the best of quality or on-brand. You’ll get better results/engagement on a natural review than you would a $10k+ branded photoshoot shot.

Online Community Building

Facebook groups are not dead nor are online communities. The catch 22 is that they do require a lot of planning and nurturing to get off the ground. By creating a community that surrounds your brand or the culture of your brand you are inherently creating brand awareness and ambassadors. Potentially expanding your reach and providing you with more user-generated content. Not to mention these are great testing groups for you to test new ideas, product concepts, and more with!

How do you think social media will look in 2021?

If you need help tackling another year of social media trends, content and strategy Visualize Creative is here to help! Send us a message at and let's turn your visions into realities.


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